Josep Pàmies is a farmer and a scholar belonging to a large non-profit association, the Dulce Revolucion . For years this association has been committed to cultivating medicinal plants from all over the world, with the aim of disseminating information about their properties, teaching people to use them starting from the plant itself (i.e. without buying finished products in herbal medicine or pharmacy), in end in selling plants to those who need them.

The information is disclosed through meetings, conferences, word of mouth and of course also through the web (this is their blog: ).

Among the many plants grown by the association in the huge greenhouse in Catalonia, there is also Artemisia Annua . Here I report the transcribed interview and the video uploaded on Youtube, in which Josep Pàmies talks about this plant and its properties.

The interview

Artemisia annua is a herbaceous plant of the Asteraceae family, a close relative of Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium). This plant has anti-malaria properties that have been known to the Chinese for millennia.

Josep Pàmies

In Africa, a treatment against malaria based on Artemisinin , the active ingredient extracted from mugwort and patented by novartis, costs 60 euros. Virtually no one can afford it.

Josep’s mugwort studies have led to the conclusion that taking the plant in its natural form is more effective than artemisinin treatment in fighting malaria and preventing it , despite the fact that the amount of active ingredient recommended by the WHO in the plant is lower. This happens due to the multitude of compounds existing in the plant, which act in synergy. A plant, which can be grown at home, is sufficient to satisfy a family’s need and has a negligible cost of a few cents.

Josep Pàmies: ” The world health organization, which has the capacity to force the inhabitants of the planet to unnecessary mass vaccinations, or which can prohibit the free treatments that nature and natural therapies offer us, is an organism not elected by none that is 80% funded by pharmaceutical multinationals. Since 1995, the WHO has been recommending to world governments not to spread the news that mugwort can be taken in its natural form, to avoid causing resistance to antibiotics, which the pharmaceutical mafia has ordered to produce. “

“ We are now collaborating with many non-governmental organizations and personal projects in Africa, with spectacular results of healing from malaria, simply with four infusions of Artemisia Annua per day. And many co-workers, when they go to Africa, instead of taking official medicine, drink a cup of Artemisia Annua as a preventative measure and take nothing else. Two million children die every year, whereas with a plant like this, which is worth a penny, a whole family would be covered. This is already not theory but it is practical and we are proving it every day.